by mary hendrickse, school & youth groups manager

The National Building Museum’s special Scout Days for Cub and Girl Scouts continued to grow during FY13. Scout groups explored many aspects of the building and design industry on their visits. Scouts became engineers for the day with volunteers from the American Society of Civil Engineers and created arch bridges out of straws, learned to draw like architects by practicing drawing building plans, and took on the role of landscape architects as they constructed model buildings with green roofs.


This year Scouts...

Created an arch bridge out of straws with engineers from the American Society of Civil Engineers

Explored the Museum’s building on a scavenger hunt to reveal its amazing history

Became artists and architects as they use green peppers to learn how to draw building plans

Tested the strength of different shapes as they design and construct a newspaper chai

Learned about simple machines as they construct a crazy catapult

Learned how to clean water by creating a simple water filter

Built a green roof that really grows and learn how plants contribute to cleaner air

Transformed garbage into something useful and beautiful by converting an old plastic bottle into a flower vase


“Hands on activities for the scouts were engaging and kept them involved in the day. The scouts were learning without even knowing it!”


“An awesome and well-organized event in our Nation’s Capital. Thank you for providing such a meaningful day and such interesting activities to hold the interest, curiosity and encourage skill building in so many of our young boys interested in scouting.”


Images: Photos by Museum staff.



Children participating in Scout Day




Children participating in Girl Scout Day